Elderhood and Aging Families

Are you worried about what happens to your loved one with a disability as they age? Do you take time to think about how your own needs will change as you age?


Over the last 40 years the life expectancy for individuals with disabilities has increased by 4.7 years for men and 3.9 years for women; and it is projected to continue to climb over the next decade. One in 10 American children was living in a household with at least one grandparent in 2010. These dynamics are creating new challenges for older family members and caregivers.

The CFI is evolving with the changes in our society; collaborating with education, health, and human service agencies in Virginia to further specialize our outreach to aging people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

The Center for Family Involvement’s Adulthood to Elderhood Family Specialist can connect you to helpful resources that provide support throughout the aging experience.

The CFI provides informational and emotional supports for adults with disabilities and their older adult caregivers. While the CFI does not offer legal advice or medical care, we can connect people with resources and help them find professional services. Issues unique to elderhood and aging families include:
• Supports for Aging in Place
• Medicaid
• Medicare
• Housing
• Waivers
• Microboards (formalized “circle of support”)
• Guardianship and Supported Decision Making Alternatives
• Trusts
• Wills
• Abuse and Fraud
• End of Life/Hospice
• Understanding Grieving Process of Individuals with Disabilities

To connect with the CFI Adulthood to Elderhood Family Specialist, email ndraper@vcu.edu or call 877-567-1122


Norma Draper
Norma Draper

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