Online Training

These materials may be helpful to family members and educators as well as people with disabilities.

Transition Planning

Transition Guide for Students with Disabilities of Diverse Backgrounds

The choices you make about life after high school have endless opportunities. This workbook is for students with disabilities who come from diverse backgrounds who are looking for help with the process of moving out of high school and into adult life. There are so many choices: going to work, going to college or other schooling, learning a trade, or living in the community. Let’s find out which path you want to take!

Post Secondary Transition Planning document

Learn your rights and responsibilities as you transition into life after high school. Topics include goal writing, self-determination, self-advocacy, identifying strengths and interests, and your rights at an Individualized Education Program meeting. This is an exciting time in your life! Let’s make sure you are prepared for the road ahead!

Transition Guide for Students with Disabilities of Diverse Backgrounds

Are you ready to talk about the transition process out of a school setting with your student?  Need some ideas on where to begin? We’re here to help!  Training topics include the IEP process and why it is important for parents/caregivers to be involved. It also includes information on how this process can be tailored to meet the needs of diverse families. Transition can be scary, but let’s make it a little easier by doing it together!

IEP Training

The Collaborative Standards-Based IEP Training Modules is a resource for IEP team members based on a handbook and training developed by the Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU.

Our belief in developing this resource is that working collaboratively to support the participation of all IEP team members, especially students and family members, and using a process for developing IEPs tied to Virginia’s Standards of Learning, will produce IEPs that lead to better student outcomes, improved IEP team functioning and a reduction in conflicts over IEP development and implementation.

Additional IEP training videos

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Training

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Training Modules will provide an overview of goals outlined in the National Agenda: Moving Forward on Achieving Educational Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students and give Virginia’s teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing (TODHH), related service providers and all who work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing in Virginia schools the opportunity to reflect, give feedback and set goals as we continue to move forward to improve student outcomes.

Presentations will emphasize language and communication access, the continuum of placement options and services, ever-changing technology, and transition needs, all to energize you for the school year.

    • Opening Doors – Unlocking Potential D/HH Training Modules - View Modules

I’m Determined Modules

The I’m Determined Modules are designed to provide background information on the self-determination movement for people with disabilities and the history of the Virginia Department of Education’s I’m Determined Project. These modules provide a strong foundation for beginning the journey toward self-determination.